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04 Oct, 2022
ACS Solutions Clifton, NJ, USA
Job Description: Subject matter expert with comprehensive knowledge of job area and in-depth knowledge of project management. Manages large, complex project initiatives of substantial importance to the organization with minimal oversight or direction. Communicates within and outside of the organization to explain and influence changes to practices, processes and approaches. Makes significant improvements in processes, systems, or products. Provides input into new products/processes and implements operational plans that have measurable impact on business or functional results.. VxWorks-7 kernel and BSP development with knowledge of Wind River IDE. VxWorks – VXBus driver development. How does SW at kernel talk to HW – DTS abstraction to HW. Memory Management Unit and how virtual memory space and kernel space communicate – via IOCTL etc. Real Time processing – specific to Intel and ARM/SoC processors. Linux device driver development.