Sovereign Tech Fund

The Sovereign Tech Fund supports the development, improvement and maintenance of open digital infrastructure. Our goal is to sustainably strengthen the open source ecosystem. We focus on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code. We often don't notice how much our lives depend on digital infrastructure until it stops working. But making it available, accessible and secure is key for digitalization in the public interest.

The Sovereign Tech Fund invests in open digital infrastructure. We understand open digital infrastructure to be foundational technologies that enable other software to be created. These trusted components, for instance libraries and standards, are openly accessible and free to use. As a result, open digital infrastructure is critical for innovation and competitiveness, and forms the foundation for digitalization across sectors.

The open source ecosystem, while incredibly successful, is also increasingly fragile. Many more people are using the software than contributing to it. It is time to invest in digital commons, volunteer communities and the open source ecosystem to build the digital world we want to see. We are working to strengthen the self-determined use and design of digital technologies and systems — by individuals, industry, and governments. We believe openness, co-creation, interdependency and interoperability will lead to digital sovereignty.

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