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25 August 2022

Linux Professional Institute

Open Source JobHub Connects Job Hunters with Companies Working in FOSS

By Andy Oram

Linux Professional Institute has formed a Sustaining Partnership with Open Source JobHub to support its goal of helping tech professionals find their place in open source.


23 May 2022


There's a New Hub for Open Source Jobs, and It’s Not Just About Developers and Admins

By Jack Wallen

Open Source JobHub is a new job board dedicated to open source job seekers and companies looking to hire the best developers, admins, marketers, management, and more.


9 May 2022


A New Job Site Just for Open-Source Jobs Opens Its Doors

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

There's a new entry trying to become THE site for open-source technology jobs: Open Source JobHub.


4 May 2022


Linux New Media Launches Open Source JobHub

By FOSSlife Team

Open Source JobHub aims to help people find their place in the open source ecosystem.


4 May 2022

Linux Magazine

Linux New Media Launches Open Source JobHub

By Gwen Clark

New job website focuses on connecting technical and non-technical professionals with organizations in open source.