Support Engineer (Weekends, EMEA Hours)

  • Supabase
  • EMEA
  • 30 May, 2024

Job Description

Join Supabase

Please note that we are currently accepting applications, however, we will not be conducting any interviews for this position until the second half of April.

Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative built by developers for developers. Supabase adds auth, realtime, storage, restful APIs, and edge functions to Postgres.

We are seeking Support Engineers to provide world-class developer support for anyone experiencing issues or seeking guidance when using Supabase. The support team is globally distributed with a strong focus on minimizing time to fix, and works closely with the product engineering and growth teams.

You will:

  • Provide initial and timely responses to all support cases for a variety of topics, from billing or pre-sales requests to optimization or implementation questions.
  • Triage support cases including directing users to previous answers, code examples, documentation, or escalating to specific technical or business team members.
  • Monitor multiple feedback channels, e.g. Github Issues & Discussions (check them here:
  • Identify where internal tooling might be developed or obtained to improve support efficiency.
  • Reproduce issues, create test cases and improve test coverage, if you have experience with testing.

You are:

  • Experienced in customer support, with 3+ years of experience providing developer support to technical customers.
  • Proficient in SQL (ideally PostgreSQL). You feel comfortable with complex SQL queries. If you have a database administration experience, it’s a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English.
  • Skilled in using Linux/Unix operating systems and the command line.
  • Experienced working with GitHub Issues and Discussions.
  • Bonus points if you're familiar with popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte and have some experience with Node.js.
  • Having a degree in Computer Science is a plus too.

Timezones & Logistics

  • It's a full-time position consisting of four 10-hour shifts per week, permanently scheduled on Fridays, weekends, and Mondays during EMEA hours from 08:00 to 18:00 UTC.
  • We are primarily looking for someone in Europe, Africa, or Middle Eastern timezones for this shift.
  • This position covers Friday → Monday based on the above UTC times, so this may vary slightly for your specific timezone.

We offer:

  • 100% remote work from anywhere in the world. No location-based adjustment to your salary.
  • ESOP (equity ownership in the company)
  • Autonomous work. We work collaboratively on projects, but you set your own pace.
  • Health, Vision and Dental benefits. Supabase covers 100% of the cost for employees and 80% for dependents
  • Generous Tech Allowance for any office setup you need
  • Annual Education Allowance
  • Annually run off-sites.


Supabase adds auth, realtime, and restful APIs to Postgres without a single line of code.

Each project within Supabase is an isolated Postgres cluster, allowing customers to scale independently, while still providing the features that you need to build: instant database setup, auth, row level security, realtime data streams, auto-generating APIs, and a simple to use web interface.

We are a fully remote company.

Key Tech: Javascript, Typescript, Go, Elixir, PostgREST (haskell), Postgres, Pulumi.

About the team

  • We're a startup. It's unstructured.
  • Collectively founded more than a dozen venture-backed companies.
  • More than 10 different nationalities.
  • We deeply believe in the efficacy of collaborative open source. We support existing communities and tools, rather than building "yet another xx".
  • We "dogfood" everything. If you use it in your project, we use it in Supabase.


  • The entire process is fully remote and all communication will happen over email or via video chat.
  • Once you've submitted your application, the team will review your submission, and may reach out for a short screening interview over video call.
  • If you pass the screen you will be invited to up to four follow up interviews. The calls:
    • usually take between 20-45 minutes each depending on the interviewer.
    • are all 1:1.
    • will be with both founders, a member of either the growth or engineering team (depending on the role), and usually one other person from your immediate team or function.
  • Once the interviews are over, the team will meet to discuss several roles and candidates and may:
    • ask one or two follow-up questions over email or a quick call.
    • go directly to making an offer.