Camera HAL / Device Driver Developers

  • Tanisha Systems
  • Monte Vista, CA, United States
  • 04 Oct, 2022

Job Description

Job Title: Camera HAL / Device Driver Developers
Location: Sunnyvale, CA(100% Onsite )
Long Term or Full Time permanent

We are seeking experienced Camera Software Engineers who will be responsible for Camera device software development and performance profiling for Smart Wearables, including but not limited to, customization of Android Open-Source Project code for devices and their features, device drivers, and hardware abstraction layer ( "HAL) components.

Key Words
  • Android Camera HAL
  • Camera Device Drivers
  • Camera Framework
  • Develop features including design, scoping, implementation, and validation of features.
  • Create high-level and low-level design(s) for development activities related to the wearable platform software and camera components
  • Optimize Performance for CPU and power for extended battery life and reduced thermal impact
  • Conduct root cause analysis and remedy daily incoming issues as required.
  • Reproduce issues and validate fixes with specific environments, both indoor and outdoor, different lighting conditions, and any other environments
  • Good knowledge about the Android Framework, Android HAL, AOSP platform architecture, and related build system
  • Experience in Android Camera HAL and Camera Device Drivers
  • Experience in Design, code, review, and tests camera related software features across all layers of the camera stack, including Android applications, Camera HAL and Linux kernel
  • Experience in developing and integrating camera stack for embedded devices
  • Experience with camera APIs, media processing, and understanding of Video and Image Capture pipeline for embedded devices
  • Exposure in Google Compliance Testing (CTS,VTS, STS,ACTS etc)
  • Familiarity with ISP and Image Quality
  • Experience with Bringup of Camera Sensor on Any of chipset (QCOM, MTK)
  • Strong knowledge of Linux Android Camera Stack.
  • Strong knowledge of Camera Application architecture in Android
Good to have
  • Understanding of Video and Image Capture pipeline for embedded devices
  • Experience in Image Processing and Computational Photography, including but not limited to low-light capture, HDR, Depth estimation, video stabilization, denoising, demosaicing, and new camera formats
  • Experience working on camera hardware, including sensors, lens, DSP, computer vision processing units
  • Experience with graphics development: OpenGL, Metal, Vulcan
  • Experience with OpenGL and/or OpenCL programming

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