Software Engineer

  • Ampcus Inc.
  • Hillsboro, OR, United States
  • 04 Oct, 2022

Job Description

Minimum Qualifications:

- BS in EE/CS/other engineering discipline

- Minimum of 3 years’ experience in:

o Compiling and running server benchmarks such as SPEC CPU, SPECjbb, Wordpress PHP, Linpack, Stream, LMBench, HammerDB, HiBench, MLPerf, etc.

o Web Serving, Transcoding, LAMP, PHP, MySQL, Hadoop, Memcached, Java benchmarking experience.

o Linux and Windows operating system expertise

o Re-building kernels, compiling open source code or projects, LAMP stack

o C, C++, Java, and/or scripting languages

o Debugging and troubleshooting PC, workstation, or server solutions

o Familiarity working with Cloud Instances (IaaS VMs)

o Setting up server systems/clusters, compile kernels, load OS's, configure networks and storage.

o Microsoft* Excel and PowerPoint

- Prior experience with system configuration, testing and benchmarking ideal