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How to Hire an Engineering Manager

How to Hire an Engineering Manager

The role of engineering management requires a range of skills that go beyond coding and systems design, says Joe Fay in a recent LeadDev article, but "finding the right person for the job is anything but straightforward."

“An engineering manager’s responsibilities will include people, projects, and budgets… and the role clearly assumes a broad range of technical and operational knowledge,” Fay notes. “The engineering manager has to understand what the team is working on and ensure it’s delivered on time. But it’s the interpersonal aspect that can be the biggest challenge.”

In the article, Fay spoke with Brian Osborn, CEO of Linux New Media, the parent company of Open Source JobHub, who says, “The engineering managers’ skills are more about understanding the individual team members and bringing out the best in them. That makes the team stronger as a whole and conflict resolution is key. As is recruiting people who fit well into the team.”

Read the complete article at LeadDev.

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