Employer Quick Start Guide

Get your jobs online in less than 10 minutes. Here's how:

1. Create an employer profile

  • Your name and email will not be shared publicly
  • Include a logo (square images work best), URL, and description for best results
  • You can always add social links and images later if you're in a hurry

2. Click the "Post a Job" button, and select the package you want

  • Provide payment details and the package becomes immediately usable

3. Create your first job post

  • Cut and paste content from your source
  • Include location and salary range for best results

That's it – Your job is now online!

Once your job listing is live, it will immediately be visible to open source job seekers on Open Source JobHub. In addition, we will promote your job to a broader audience across a range of channels including websites, social media, newsletters, events, and more.

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