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LPI Becomes Sustaining Partner of Open Source JobHub

LPI Becomes Sustaining Partner of Open Source JobHub

We’re pleased to announce that Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the global non-profit organization offering certifications and career support for open source professionals, has become a sustaining partner of Open Source JobHub.

LPI, which has certified tech professionals in more than 180 countries and delivers exams in multiple languages, works to enable economic and creative opportunities for everybody through open source adoption, knowledge, and skills certification.

“The missions of LPI and OSJH are closely aligned: to help people get into open source and move up once they're in,” says Andy Oram. “LPI is committed to helping OSJH grow. And given the popularity of open source tools, there is good reason to believe it will.”

This partnership provides ongoing support for Open Source JobHub in its goal of helping developers, engineers, managers, marketers, and others within today's open source tech industry find the perfect job fit.

For more information about sponsoring Open Source JobHub, please contact