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Organizations Still Need Open Source Talent

Organizations Still Need Open Source Talent

As the use of open source increases, organizations say a lack of skilled staff poses a significant problem.

The 2023 State of Open Source Report shows that “four out of five companies surveyed rely on open source software (OSS) for a wide range of uses, including containers and container orchestration, DevOps, and database management,” according to a recent article on FOSSlife.

Additionally, 80 percent of organizations have increased their use of open source since last year, but they still need open source talent.  

The report, compiled by Open Source Initiative and OpenLogic by Perforce, cites various reasons why companies adopt open source as well as issues related to its use, such as security concerns and lack of skilled staff, FOSSlife says.

Specific challenges cited by organizations surveyed include:

  • Maintaining security policies or compliance (41.9%)
  • Lack of skills, proficiency, or experience (37.5%)
  • Keeping up with updates and patches (36.7%) 

“It is a great time to be an engineer with open source knowledge and experience, as there are many opportunities,” the report states.

This article was excerpted with permission from FOSSlife; read the complete article for more details.


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