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Skills Growth Is Key for IT Job Seekers

Skills Growth Is Key for IT Job Seekers

For many IT professionals, career development and improving job skills were a high priority in 2022. This trend was reflected in articles and surveys throughout the year, and there’s no sign it will change in 2023, says a recent article on FOSSlife.

Growth Opportunities

Employees want to “know how their careers are going to grow,” says Jess Elmquist in the article. “They want to learn and expand their skills. People no longer want to go to work; they want to grow at work.” And, they’re willing to change jobs to pursue growth opportunities. 

Learning new skills is always a good idea for career growth, but development of certain tech skills may also lead to higher pay and greater job security. For example, “employees with cloud, software development, and IT security skills are most likely to be safe from layoffs,” says Owen Hughes. 

And, In a 2022 Salary Survey from ITPro, respondents cited the following specific areas in terms of desired skill development: 

  • Security
  • Cloud 
  • Leadership/professional 
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Databases 

As employees work to grow their job skills, companies play a key role in helping them reach their career goals. “Organizations must prioritize enabling employees’ personal success through career development,” states the 2022 Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn. 

This article was excerpted with permission from FOSSlife; read the complete article for more details. (Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay.)


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