TUXEDO Computers

TUXEDO Computers is the world's only supplier of a completely Linux-based ecosystem for customizable notebooks and desktop PCs.

With the company‘s expertise ranging from driver and software development, like the TUXEDO Control Center, to ready to use pre-configured operating systems including its in-house distribution TUXEDO_OS to its fully automated web-based installation service TUXEDO WebFAI with full hard drive encryption and the dedicated cloud service myTUXEDO, TUXEDO Computers covers the full range of products and services.

All software development and customizations follow a strict Open Source philosophy and comply with the highest security and data protection regulations of German data centers.

The name TUXEDO Computers combines both the requirements and the product range: TUXEDO, which translates from English to made-to-measure suit. It also contains the name of the Linux mascot Tux! A TUXEDO computer is not only a Linux-PC in a custom-made suit because of the hardware equipment, you can recognize it immediately by its name as such!