Codethink Limited

Codethink is an established software services company based in Manchester UK, specialising in systems level software, embedded/firmware, automotive, safety, build systems and open source. 

We provide expert teams to help our clients tackle their most challenging software problems. Applying technologies intelligently, our people outperform larger teams from competing organisations.

Codethink scopes ranges from enterprise systems to embedded devices.

We solve deep system-level software problems across a range of domains, chipsets and architectures.

We work on firmware, drivers, board support, operating systems, libraries, middleware, and all of the build tooling required to create, deploy and maintain complete systems over the production lifetimes.

We are experts in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). We participate upstream and are active contributors to a wide range of cutting edge FOSS projects, processes and cultures.

We highly value the amazing contributions, made over decades, by the Free Software and Open Source communities.

We help clients and partners take maximum advantage from the knowledge and technologies developed by the FOSS community. Even when source cannot be shared, our teams draw on and benefit from FOSS people, code, processes, insights and values.