Started in 2011 as a pilot project to address a technological gap by creating a secure and usable whistleblowing solution, the project is now used worldwide by more than 4000 organizations to meet a variety of use cases, from investigative journalism and anti-corruption initiatives, to human rights monitoring, and corporate compliance. 

The project team is now growing in order to further develop the platform to address the large and evolving set of user requirements, as well as to be able to respond more effectively to the increasing number of training, hosting, and technical assistance requests received. We are looking for motivated, passionate FOSS enthusiasts and professionals with 5+ years of experience, who share our mission and vision and would like to join us in supporting the large community of GlobaLeaks users by taking an active role in the development of the project.

If you’re interested in our work, you are passionate about open-source, security, whistleblowing and anti-corruption, but don’t exactly fit the description below, please reach out anyway. We like to work with kind and curious people, and a quick call might help us understand what you’ve got to offer.