We improve the traveler experience through standardized, high quality, comprehensive, discoverable, and up-to-date data.

Imagine you live in Montreal, you are about to go to work. Too many service interruptions on the Orange line lately and it seems like your bus is never on time, so you want to know if you need to leave earlier than usual. You take out your smartphone to check your favorite mobility app. What are my options to get to my destination? Mobility data standards are a fundamental part of the puzzle to give you the information in a travel planning application to get you from point A to point B.

The data behind that traveler information is the language in which the information is processed and transmitted. To provide reliable and intuitive travel directions, public agencies, cities, and private companies need shared languages and tools. MobilityData meets that need: we are a non-profit organization that improves and extends data formats, making them easier to use through training, documentation, open-source software, online services, and more. We believe high quality trip planning apps require standardized high quality data, and this is why MobilityData creates, facilitates and influences the collaboration space with international stakeholders to support and accelerate the development of two international data standards: the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for public transit passenger information, and the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS).

30 Nov, 2022
Full time Remote
MobilityData Remote (Montreal, QC, Canada)
You care about people and you are ready to Lead? Great! We are looking for a Software Development Lead (fully remote position) to support and guide our growing team of talented software developers. This work supports the development of tools which eases specification compliance for data producers, ultimately leading to more information on transportation options for the public. This is a chance to actively participate in building your team! Join us to collaborate with international stakeholders and build crucial tools for millions of transit passengers across the world.  Check out our validator! You’ll be at the forefront of engaging and crucial work to support millions of transit passengers in making well-informed decisions about how to plan their trip You must be authorized to work in Canada. To find out more, visit our career page at
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