flox was born of our team's experience in deploying Nix tooling in enterprise and our difficulties with the state of developer tooling today. We built flox to deliver the developer experience and battle-tested architecture your systems deserve.

flox first began as a project to deploy Nix at scale at The D. E. Shaw Group and quickly grew to be one of the largest deployments of Nix ever seen in an enterprise setting. Our team includes a mix of new and long-established leaders in the Nix community and we dedicate significant time and resources to contribute back to the Nix ecosystem in important ways.

flox is backed by amazing investors focused on open-source such as NEA, Hetz Ventures, Addition Ventures, and angels such as Thomas Dohmke (GitHub CEO), Guy Podjarny (Snyk founder), and James Turnbull (former VP Docker, CTO Sotheby's).