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Training and Certification Help Solve Hiring Challenges

Training and Certification Help Solve Hiring Challenges

As organizations increasingly adopt open source software, open source skills are critical, but finding experienced professionals can be challenging, thus it’s important to understand the perspective of those working with free and open source software (FOSS). 

The Importance of Upskilling

According to the recent 2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey Report from Open Source JobHub (OSJH) and Linux Professional Institute (LPI), those who work with FOSS prioritize a variety of factors when seeking a new job role, including overall work-life balance, open source policy, and training opportunities. 

Specifically, 74% of respondents said employer-provided training and certification was important in their job choice. This rating rose to 80% for non-technical staff and 83% for administrators. 

Employer Perspective

A recent report from the Linux Foundation (LF) shows that employers also prioritize training and certification. The 2024 State of Tech Talent Report highlights the importance of upskilling, cross-skilling, and certifications in addressing tech staffing challenges, noting that “98 percent of organizations consider upskilling an important strategy, with 36 percent rating it extremely important.

“External hiring is both lengthy and risky: It takes on average 10 months to hire and onboard new technical hires, and nearly 40% experience turnover,” the report says. 

Thus, nearly half (48%) of tech organizations would prioritize upskilling or cross-skilling existing staff over hiring new employees or engaging consultants, the LF report states. The most cited benefits of upskilling include diversifying employee skills (40%), advancing careers (40%), and developing junior potential (40%).

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The free 2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey Report offers further insight for both job seekers and hiring managers. Download the complete report to learn more. 

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